Replacement Heat Exchangers

A heat exchanger is an essential component in any commercial or residential heating system. By controlling the flow of heat between fluids, a heat exchanger creates a direct transfer of energy that allows heat to move through a system without being lost.

There are many different types of heat exchangers, and at Heat Exchanger USA we have replacement heat exchangers in each different type from some of the most recognized brands in the industry. We are a leader among heat exchanger companies, and we work closely with many other heat exchanger companies to provide you with whatever you need.

Here are a few of the most common types of heat exchangers that you will hear about:

  • 1.  Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger: In a shell and tube heat exchanger, two fluids at different temperatures flow through tubes. One set of tubes is outside, and one is in the shell of the unit. Heat is transferred through the tube walls. The fluid in the tubes can be in liquid or gas form. A one phase unit is used for only heating or cooling, while a two phase can be used for both.
  • 2.  Air to Air Heat Exchanger: These exchangers work to heat, cool or refresh the air in a space.
  • 3.  Water to Water Heat Exchanger: A water to water heat exchanger continually cycles hot or cold water through tubes to heat or cool it again before sending it in the other direction.
  • 4.  Air to Water Heat Exchanger: Water runs through tubes that are cooled or heated by a stream of air running over them.
  • 5.  Gas to air heat exchanger: In a gas to air heat exchanger, heat created by gas flows upwards and is then pushed out of the exchanger’s exhaust.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but these five types of heat exchangers can be found in many buildings and commercial facilities. At Heat Exchanger USA, we’ll help you find the replacement parts and heat exchanging units that you’re looking for, whether they’re for units like the ones on this list or not.

We are able to supply you with OEM replacement heat exchangers from trusted manufacturers whose brand names you will recognize instantly. With OEM replacement heat exchangers, you can trust that your new unit will work just as well as the old one did with your existing heating or cooling system.

Custom Heat Exchangers
If you have a unique heat exchanger unit that needs to be replaced, or you have a system with unusual specifications, we offer custom heat exchanger fabrication. The products that we design and build meet all industry standards and provide you with quality performance. To receive a quote for your custom heat exchanger, just fill in our custom heat exchanger form with all of the pertinent information.

About Heat Exchanger USA
We’ve been in business for over 20 years, and during that time we’ve developed strategic relationships with some of the best brand name manufacturers of heat exchanging equipment in the country. We stand behind the quality of our products and the various materials that we use. Our expertise and friendly customer service is always there if you need help solving your flow or heat transfer problems. Issues with your heating system quickly become a problem for anyone in the facility, so contact us immediately and we can help find the answer to your problems. We’re one of the best heat exchanger manufacturers in the country, and we’re ready to prove it to you!