Our Capabilities

Heat-Exchangers USA engineering department is equipped with the latest in Aspen B-JAC, AutoCAD, Fin Coil design, and field measuring equipment to assist with standard and special application inquiries.

are Available Options for New Heat Exchangers.


Performance, thickness, and specification calculations, as well as drawings and manufacturing procedures, for all shell & tube heat exchangers and tube / pipe coils are prepared solely by the Heat-Exchangers USA Engineering Staff.

  • Outside consultants are utilized as specific needs demand.
  • Heat-Exchangers USA engineering personnel are prepared to make on-site inspections for all data relevant to the products they design and manufacture.
  • The costs of engineering are a normal overhead item included with the price. JFD will design, size, and price heat exchangers with (1) set of operating/process conditions, and a maximum of (1) alternate material selection set.


  • Heat-Exchangers USA holds current A.S.M.E. Code Symbols “U”, “UM”, and National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) “R” stamp.
  • Authorized Inspection Agency: Hartford Steam Boiler Global Standards. Hartford, CT
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing: All other NDE by subcontract
  • Hydrostatic Testing: Water pressure up to 5000 psig
  • Pneumatic Testing: Air pressure up to 125 psig
  • Bending: ASME Jig for welder qualifications
  • Quality Control: Per ASME specifications


Heat-Exchangers USA is equipped with a 13,000 square foot production floor, fully furnished with a wide variety of radial drills, lathes, mills, coiling and bending machines, as well as other general machine shop equipment.

  • (3) CNC Vertical Machining Centers: Drilling, Milling, and other machining accurate to .0001″.
  • (3) Pines Bending Machines: Bend Tube / Pipe from ¼” to 6″ IPS. Large diameter tube / pipe forming also available.
  • All welders and weld procedures are A.S.M.E. certified in standard and specialty alloys. Qualified procedures include: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy, and others as required.


When an application’s spec’s are such that not all criteria can be met by Heat-Exchangers USA, subcontractors are used. Subcontracting services include:

  • Heat Treating / Annealing / Stress Relieving
  • Sandblasting / Non-Standard Painting
  • Special Machining: Local machine shop as required
  • X-Ray Pipe / Tube / Weld inspection